Imagine Johnstown Vision/Strategic Plan

On Wednesday February 18, 2009 the Town Council approved Vision / Strategic Plan.

Introduction / Overview
Imagine Johnstown: A 20-Year Action Plan for Our Community

Johnstown is a financially healthy and positive community that has benefited from a history of planning for its future.  Ten years ago, our residents worked together to define and pursue a community direction.  Now it’s time to make sure we’re still on the right path. 
Working together to consider the many diverse perspectives in our community, we need to update our future course. By dreaming and setting our sights high, we can define a vision of our community for the next 20 years and identify goals and actions that will help us achieve that vision.
Because the priorities we collectively identify through this public planning process will guide our Town’s policies, goals and budgets, we have the opportunity to imagine and then create a community that we’ll be pleased to call home for years to come.