Business License

Johnstown Municipal Code Article I, Sections 6-1 through 6-13 contain the requirements for business licenses.

A business license is required for the maintenance, operation or conduct of any business or establishment, or for doing business or engaging in any activity or occupation.                                   

Depending on the type of business, upon receipt of an application for a license an investigation or inspection may be made by various agencies or Town departments. These investigations or inspections may be made by the County Health Department, Building Inspector, Fire Marshall, Chief of Police or other officer designated by the Town Council.

The Health Department may inspect businesses in connection with the care and handling of food. For questions for businesses dealing with food, call the applicable health department.
  • Weld County Environmental Health 970-304-6415
  • Larimer County Environmental Health 970-498-6775
The Building Inspector and Fire Marshall look for unsafe conditions that are regulated by Town adopted codes that regulate construction.
  • For building department inspection questions, call 970-587-4664.
  • For fire department inspection questions, call Jesse Molinar, Fire Marshal, at 
The Planning Department checks for proper zoning. For zoning inspection questions, call Kim Meyer, Town Planner, at 970-587-4664.   

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