North 2nd Street Improvement Project

Recognizing the need for improved traffic and pedestrian safety, Town Council designated the North 2nd Street Improvement project as a goal for 2016 and authorized TTG Engineers to prepare a design. A public house was held in October 2016 to discuss the design and to receive comments.

The project includes replacement of a major water main, removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, and replacement of the asphalt roadway, plus striping. Xcel Energy relocated street lights to accommodate sidewalk improvements.

The project is substantially complete from Greeley Avenue, past Roosevelt High School and east to Columbine Avenue. Work continues ease of Columbine to Parish Avenue. The remainder of the project is expected to be completed by October 31.

The patience of residents is greatly appreciated throughout this improvement process.

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Photos Taken 8-25-17: The project is substantially complet and was opened to traffic on August 22, 2017. All that remains is the removal of two Xcel overhead wooden power poles east of the high school and the installation of a section of sidewalk in the same location. Several overhead Xcel wooden light poles were removed, and steel light poles will be installed in their place.

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8-14-17  North 2nd Street is open in time for High School!

construction - cropped
Photo Taken 6-30-17: The North 2nd Street improvement project is well underway. The asphalt has been removed, and in the background, the Contractor can be seen working on replacing the water line.
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Photos shown above were taken on 7-3-17.

N. 2nd 7-25-17 (1)
N. 2nd 7-25-17 (2)
N. 2nd 7-25-17 (3)
N. 2nd 7-25-17 (4)

Photos shown above were taken on 7-25-17. The photos highlight the new sidewalk along the high school.