2019 Slurry Seal Street Project

The Town of Johnstown entered into a contract with A-1 Chip Seal to perform the 2019 Slurry Seal Project. A-1 Chip Seal has been the contractor for the Town of Johnstown for many years providing quality work in our community. 

In the past, the Town has chosen chip seal surfaces. This year, the Town has opted to apply slurry seal instead. Slurry seal has more of a liquid base compared to chip seal, which has more rock. The slurry seal application will seal the fine line cracks better than chip seal and allow for a smoother surface.

By sealing the fine cracks more effectively, we hope this prevents or minimizes the freeze-thaw cycle underneath the road surface that causes potholes. With respect to a cost comparison between the two applications, the slurry seal application will allow the Town to impact more roadways.

The project is done in two phases. The first phase is applying the crack seal material to fill in cracks measuring 1/4” or bigger and then an application of slurry.

Streets planned to be impacted are:

  • Rolling Hills Pkwy
  • Centennial Dr
  • Castle Pines
  • N 3rd St.
  • White Wing Rd from Saxony Rd to Muscovey Ln
  • Muscovey Ln, White Wing Rd to White Wing Rd
  • Bittren Dr, White Wing Rd to White Wing Rd

A-One Chip Seal completed crack sealing on the above mentioned streets as part of the Town’s Slurry Seal project the last week of August, filling cracks with tar prior to the sealing process. Additional streets have been added to receive crack sealing.

These additional impacted streets are:

  • Black Duck Ave., East from Cinnamon Teal Ave. to the cul-de-sac
  • Saxony Rd., East from Cinnamon Teal Ave. to the cul-de-sac
  • Blue Wing Dr., South from Cinnamon Teal Ave. to Black Duck Ave.
  • Redhead Dr.
  • Mandarin Ct.
  • Rouen Ln.

Crews will then begin the slurry seal part of the project. The contractor will do half the street at a time, and residents will not be able to drive on slurry for at least 4 hours once placed. The contractor will notify impacted residents ahead of time with letters, no parking signs and by going door to door prior to the start of the project. The slurry seal project is expected to reach completion in early October.


Slurry seal application to Town streets began on September 18, 2019.