WCR 50 & LCR 14 Paving Project

co_dola__dept_rgbThe Colorado Department of Local Affairs awarded the Town of Johnstown a $1,000,000 Energy Impact Assistance Grant (EIAG) to help fund the paving of Weld County Road (WCR) 50 and Larimer County Road (LCR) 14 in Johnstown. The Town will work as diligently as possible to complete this project no later than the middle of 2020.

The Town of Johnstown’s WCR 50 & LCR 14 Paving Project is part of the Town’s first ever Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), adopted by Town Council in early 2019. The 10-year CIP has over $123 million in commitments to address many deferred projects, as well as $6 million towards I-25 improvements. 

Included in the WCR 50 & LCR 14 project is the paving of approximately 9,700 linear feet of WCR 50 and LCR 14 that are currently unpaved/unimproved. Construction of this section of roadway, which is located between the East Frontage Road and Colorado Boulevard (WCR 13), will include a paved 32’-wide road with 12” of aggregate base rock and 6” depth of asphalt. The project will yield two 12’ lanes with 4’ shoulders for safety and bike paths. New 15” Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) will also be installed at the various driveway entrances that exist along the construction site to allow for positive drainage and storm water flow during rain events.

“We applied for this highly competitive grant to assist in resolving a right-of-way ownership issue that has occurred as a result of previous annexations made by the Town. This specific stretch of roadway has existed in a checkerboard-style of ownership between the Town of Johnstown, Weld County and Larimer County,” said Mayor Gary Lebsack. “Since the roadway has been the responsibility of multiple jurisdictions, repairs have not been made on a regular maintenance schedule, and it is the goal of the Town to change that. The Town plans to annex the entire road once it is paved and will take over full maintenance responsibilities, finally providing ease of travel for our residents, businesses and visitors. The Town’s long-term plan is to eventually make the road into a four- or five-lane arterial.”

Larimer and Weld Counties support the need for improvements and annexation by the Town. The project’s $2,046,166 budget is covered mostly (51%) by local funds from the Town, Larimer and Weld Counties, while the remaining 49% will come from the $1-million grant awarded to the Town. The grant money comes from state Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance funds, which are revenues derived from oil, gas, carbon dioxide, coal, and metals extracted in Colorado.