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(On account of COVID 19, we will be interacting on Facebook during meetings for a limited time)
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November 16, 2020

The meeting will begin to stream at 7:00pm and should be available at the link below.

*During this time, we will be interacting with Facebook live comments and allowing participants to submit public comment on Facebook in real time when submitted with Name, Phone Number and Address.
The Town of Johnstown will be hosting a remote meeting for the November 16th meeting. All attendees in the meeting will enter MUTED and with their VIDEO OFF. Only Council Members and some Town officials will be unmuted with video turned on. 

You are also welcome to call into the meeting:
        1-346-248-7799 using meeting ID: 874 1607 3428#
Public Comment during COVID-19:
For meetings in the month of July, the Town will interact with remote participants that are joining through Facebook live. This is specific to Public Comment Sections. You are still able to submit Public Comments in advance of the meeting using our form here.

Joining a Town Council Meeting Remotely:

Attendees are encouraged to join the Town Council Meetings in person, but if unable, to join via Facebook. Attendees are encouraged to use the Facebook chat/comment feature responsibly. Irrelevant comments or comments that violate the below policy will be deleted or hidden. 

Policy - Any comments that contain, but are not limited to, the following are not allowed at Town Council Meetings/in the comment section of Town Council Meetings:
  • Contains profanity, obscenity, or materials that appeals to the prurient interest
  • Contains personal identifying information or sensitive personal information 
  • Contains offensive terms that target protected classes Is uncivil, threatening, harassing or discriminatory 
  • Contains defamatory remarks, personal attacks, or threats against any individual person or groups of people
  • Incites or promotes violence or illegal activities
  • Contains information that reasonably could compromise individual; or public safety
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