Plastic flowers are permissible
  • Must not interfere with mowing.
  • Can be removed by cemetery personnel.
Fresh Flowers
  • Allowed throughout the year. Personnel of the cemetery allowed to dispose of flowers when they become wilted.
Funeral Designs
  • Floral pieces will be removed from graves after forty-eight (48) hours, either by family or by cemetery personnel.
Flowers and Plants
  • Plantings not maintained or cared for by the owner or their representatives shall be removed by personnel of the cemetery.
Flower Space
  • Limited to eight (8) inches in front of stone (east side). Roses allowed at sides of lots only, space permitting as lots are four (4) feet wide.
New Shrubbery
  • Must be approved by the Board of Directors or Cemetery Superintendent. Fencing of lot is prohibited. Stones and monuments must be approved by cemetery personnel.
Cremation Section
  • No live flowers permitted
  • Flat stones only
  • Maximum width of stones, including concrete bordering, two (2) feet.
More Information
View more Cemetery Guidelines including the Municipal Code section on Cemeteries.