Snow Removal

CDOT is responsible for snow removal on Highway 60/S 1st Street as it is a State Highway. 

JohnsTown Snow Removal Operation Plan

The Town of Johnstown has an area of about fifty seven (57) square miles that extends approximately nine miles north to south and six miles east to west. The Town is committed to providing snow removal services within the entire Town boundaries. View the Town of Johnstown's Snow Removal Fact Sheet HERE.

PART I - Goal of Snow Removal Services

The Town has set the following goals for the snow operations:

1) Maintain a zero accident history

2) Provide snow related safety for vehicle operators and pedestrians

3) Operators to provide reliable response times and services for their individual routes

4) Minimize the duration of snow operations by skilled operators following snow plan guidelines.

PART II - Snow Removal Inventory of Streets/Facilities

Snow removal services are provided for public facilities including a street inventory of over 150 lane miles. The streets and facilities include:

  • Paved collector streets – over 56 lane miles
  • Paved local residential streets – over 90 lane miles
  • Unpaved rural roads – 12 lane miles
  • Alleys – 2 miles
  • School bus stops – 20
  • Safety/emergency/school facilities – 10
  • Public parking lots – 4
  • Sidewalks on Town owned property – 2 miles

PART III - Town Snow Removal Resources

Snow removal involves the use of the following Town resources and private contractors as needed:

  • A team of five (8) main Street Department operators with back-up utility operators supported by over a dozen administrative/police communication personnel
  • Snow equipment fleet of 2 large snow plow dump trucks with sanding capability,1 large road grader, 2 large front end loaders, 4 pick-up trucks with snowplow attachments (two with sanding capability), 1 skid steer
  • Storm < 4”: One 12 hour day shift of five (8) employees to provide the required level of service
  • Storms > 4”: After hours drifting and/or snowfall accumulation may warrant a night shift crew and private contractors as needed.

PART IV - Priority List

In order to provide safe and efficient snow removal services over a relatively large service area with a limited amount of Town resources, a Snow Removal Operations Plan has been established.

Since limited resources are available, the level of service given to each storm is based on the severity of the storm (see below).  Priority ratings have been assigned to the Town street inventory based on traffic volume and public safety.  Priority 1 streets and facilities receive the highest level of service. (See map of Priority 1 streets)


Priority 1

Collector streets, safety, emergency and school main access streets, hospitals, school bus stops

Priority 2

Accident-prone street sections, main intersections, sharp curves, steep slopes

Priority 3

Local residential streets (cul-de-sacs are included in priority 4 below), high-use unpaved rural roads, public parking lots, Town-owned sidewalks

Priority 4

Local residential cul-de-sacs, public alleys, low-use unpaved rural roads

Snow removal efforts will vary in direct proportion to the severity of the storm. The Town’s Plan has established 4 storm categories with each storm category having an assigned level of snow removal service based on prioritization ratings one through four.

Category 1 Storm: 1”- 2”, ice/slush: one 5 person shift, 4a.m. to as late as 5p.m.

  • Service Level: Priority 1 & 2 streets: plow/de-ice

                   Priority 3, 4 streets: not included

 Category 2 Storm: 2”- 4”, wind/drift: one 5 person shift, 4a.m. to as late as 5p.m.

  • Service Level: Priority 1, 2 streets: plow/de-ice

                   Priority 3 streets: drift removal as needed

                   Priority 4 streets: drift removal as needed

Category 3 Storm: 4” to 8”: two shifts: day - 5 person; night - 2 person, private contractors as needed

  • Service Level: Priority 1, 2 street: plow/de-ice

                               Priority 3 streets: plow/de-ice

                   Priority 4 streets: emergency, drift removal as needed


Category 4 Storm: >8”, spring storm: two shifts: day - 5 person; night - 2 person, private contractors as needed

  • Service Level: Priority 1, 2 streets: plow/de-ice

                                      Priority 3 streets: plow/de-ice

                                     Priority 4 streets: emergency as needed


  1. Town is not responsible for snow windrows along driveways, sidewalk, vehicles
  2. Snow Removal Route Maps can be viewed at:
  3. Link to Frequently Asked Questions about Snow Removal.