Town Utilities


The Town of Johnstown provides water, sewer and storm drainage.  The Town is responsible for both the issuance of monthly statements and the collection of those charges.

    The Town of Johnstown owns and operates its water treatment facility. 
    For information please call 970-587-4664 or click here for rates.

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Due Date
   Utility bills are due by the 10th of each month.  A $15.00 late fee will be charged to delinquent accounts.

Shut Offs
   Shut offs are scheduled for the 15th of each month.  If water service is discontinued for non-payment, the
  past due and current amount plus a $20.00 reconnect fee must be paid before 3:00 p.m. on shut-off day,
  otherwise reconnects will be scheduled for the following business day.  Payments must be paid with cash
  or credit card.  Credit card payments must be made through the Town of Johnstown online utility bill pay
  system.  (Click here to go to  
online bill pay
)  Contact Customer Service at 587-4664 with questions and
  to make payment if account is subject to disconnection.  
    The Town of Johnstown operates two sewer treatment plants.
    For information please call 970-587-4664 
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