Town Utilities

The Town of Johnstown provides water, sewer and storm drainage. The Town is responsible for both the issuance of monthly statements and the collection of those charges.

Due Date: Utility bills are due by the 10th of each month. A $15.00 late fee will be charged to delinquent accounts.


The Town of Johnstown owns and operates its water treatment facility. For information, please call 970-587-4664. Find the 2019 Water Rates table HERE.


The Town of Johnstown operates two sewer treatment plants. For information, please call 970-587-4664. 

Need to Dig?

Call 811 Toll-Free before you dig.

**** Watering Schedule as of July 10, 2020 ****

This cooperative request is for those who have automated water irrigation/sprinkler systems and are watering overnight. The request is not inclusive of hand watering/manual applications... (that being said, if you are hand watering during the peak times, then please abide by the schedule).

ODD NUMBERED HOMES: Water from 10pm-12:30am

EVEN NUMBERED HOMES: Water from 3am-5:30am

The Town asks residents not to water from the hours of 12:30-3:00am so that tanks are able to fill and to use responsible watering methods during the day keeping in mind evaporation and the heat of the sun. Read the full news release on the new watering schedule here. 

Thank you for helping us even out our water usage over the coming days and weeks!

Data Line graph for avg water used over 24 hours from 1-7 July. Email
The line graph displayed here shows (on average) how much water is being used hourly from 1-7 July. If the water schedule does what it is intended to do, this wave will flatten out. The water tank image displayed here is another way to assess whether or not the water schedule is doing what it is intended to do. The water tank image shows the average amount of water stored in the water tank on July 16: just 37.95 feet of water, the ideal height of the water is 45 feet. 
Water Tank decorative graphic, greater than 36 feet

Shut Offs

Shut offs are scheduled for the 15th of each month. If water service is discontinued for non-payment, the past due and current amount plus a $20.00 reconnect fee must be paid before 3:00 p.m. on shut-off day. Otherwise, reconnects will be scheduled for the following business day. Payments must be paid with cash or credit card. Credit card payments must be made through the Town of Johnstown online utility bill pay system. Click here to go to online bill pay.